Bind commands allow a "command string" to be bound to a short cut keyword. There are default binds, provided by Silver Creek Entertainment, and players can make their own binds, even to the point of overriding the keywords the default binds use.

Binds are considered an "alias" of a command, meaning they become a command in their own right. Once a bind is made, other binds can then activate those bound "aliases" in the same way as any other command.

Note: The "text" rule during a command string still applies.

The Bind CommandEdit

The bind command is pretty straightforward:

/bind_(keyword)=(command string)

Example: /bind j=/joy&&/joy&&/joy

This would make "j" bound to the above command string and typing "/j" would give the "joy" command 3 times.

Binding bindsEdit

Once the "j" bind (above) has been bound, it is possible to use it as a shortcut for a larger "superjoy" bind.

/bind_(keyword)=(bind command string)

Example: /bind sj=/j&&/j&&/j

This would execute the "j" bind (above) three times giving the "joy" command 9 times total, bringing superjoy.

Chat AliasEdit

Once any bind has been made (even /bind hi=hi), a file called "ChatAlias" is made. It is located in Program Files/Hardwood Program (Euchre, Spades, etc.) and may need the "Compatibility Files" button at the top pressed (windows vista).

The Chat Alias file can be used to create new binds or edit existing binds. Opening it with Notepad allows direct editing. Close any Hardwood Program in order to save the Chat Alias file (the game is using it if its open).

The format of the Chat Alias file is all business. Just the (keyword)=(bind command); is present and all that is needed to create new binds. For instance, the joy example above looks like j=/joy&&/joy&&/joy; in the Chat Alias file. Just follow the same format for creating binds within the Chat Alias.

Bind Editors and Type-It-InEdit

A bind editor allows you to easily click and pick in-game fooms. You can make complex text and foom binds and then copy them to your Chat Alias file. A bind editor is best at creating complex text coloring and even pictures with text. For instance,

~[c6]~[j4]O==; ~[c12]~[j12]@~[c2]~[j3])-->~ makes Key and rose

King Coyote's bind editor:

Phat Cat's bind creator:

The Type-It-In program allows you to use an overlay that contains Hardwood Commands (set by you) and you can spam fooms and text by using the overlay, much like a bind.

Type-It-In download:

Hardwood Preset BindsEdit

Hardwood has list of preset text binds. The list of text binds are in-game commands and does not create a Chat Alias file, you have to make your own bind before the Chat Alias is created. You can overwrite any preset bind keyword with your own bind and overwrite what those binds do. For example, the preset bind "bbl=I'll be back later." can be changed by binding bbl. "bind bbl=trouble in paradise! I'll be back later" will overwrite the preset bbl command.